Video Conferencing using Microsoft Teams

A Guide to Video Conferencing with Microsoft Teams

When you click on a link to join a video conference call you have a number of options presented to you depending on the type of computer you have and the software you are using.

It’s not possible to provide step-by-step instructions for every situation so these are general steps to follow.

Method 1: Use your internet browser to run Microsoft Teams

  • This works if you are using Google Chrome or MS Edge browsers on Windows or Mac.
  • Click the LINK you’ve been sent to join the video conferencing session:
  • In your internet browser click the right button that says: ‘Join on the web instead’

Please note: This does NOT work with:-

    • Internet browsers such as  – Safari / Firefox
    • Tablet / ipad / iphone / smartphone devices

Method 2: Download the Microsoft Teams App

  • Click the LINK you’ve been sent to join the video conferencing session:
  • Click the button that downloads the Teams app and follow the installation process.

  • MS Teams will ask for permission to use your web camera (if you have one) and microphone.
  • One installed you may need to click the link to join the meeting again.
  • This should then automatically launch MS Teams if everything is installed correctly.

If you have any difficulty following the above steps you can download Microsoft Teams directly from the following link: 

How do I Join a Video Conference once installed?

  • AFTER install MS Teams ..
  • AND clicking the link to join the specific video conference ..
  • You will be asked if you want to JOIN the call. (see screen shot below)
  • You can turn your web cam and microphone ON / OFF   here
  • If you want to check that your microphone / speakers / webcam are working properly click the button marked ‘Devices’

  • You may be asked to type in your name before joining. This is just to identify you in the call.
  • You may / may not see a permission box for the webcam.


  • Notice the icons on your screen and what they refer to.
  • They allow you to turn your webcam / microphone on and off.
  • Note the speech bubble icon: this will allow you to type a question or comment in the call. Your name and question will appear in the message box when you use this feature.


  • BEFORE you can fully join the video conference – you may need someone to ‘let you in’
  • ‘Someone in the meeting should let you in soon’ 
  • Notice your webcam is showing how you will appear to others.

Tips and Tricks

  • IF the internet signal and sound is poor quality – turn off your webcam setting.
  • Toolbar icons are designed to disappear during a call.  Move / click your mouse to turn on.
  • You will still be able to hear and be heard using just audio.
  • IF you are disconnected for any reason, don’t worry.
  • Click the link to JOIN the video conference again and you will be able to re-join.
  • IF you have to leave early just press the red phone icon to disconnect.

Finally –  remember that when using video conferencing we can see what’s going on and behind you!



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