Action Team update: Stephen Broadhurst in Pembrokeshire

Stephen Broadhurst from Fishguard is in Italy with a BMS Action Team at the moment – we catch up with him half way through his time there.
Where in Italy are you?
We are in Reggio Calabria which is about 10 minutes away from Sicily by boat.
How has your time in Italy been so far? What are you enjoying/disliking?
The time so far has been amazing getting to know the people, and living life as an Italian.
Favourite moment so far having a few langue problems like fish ice tea not peach ice tea.
Something I did not like was finding out the ages of some prostitute, it was hard to hear how young they are and what happens if they get pregnant.
Has your idea of what mission is changed since moving to Italy?
My idea has changed yes, only because we have found out how hard it is, and how much work is very much involved. I knew it would be hard, but not as hard as it really is.
Where will you be spending Christmas? How do Italians celebrate Christmas?
We will be spending Christmas with our supervisors at their home.
Christmas in Italy, everything is done like normal only on Christmas Eve, and food is also different, here they eat pasta and meat after.
How can we pray for you and the team?
Pray about the local area, the church, us learning the language and us not missing home to much. Also pray about the government as they are easily influenced by the mafia.
You can follow Stephen and his team in Italy through their blog:

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