Prayer 2020 – Prayers of Thanksgiving

Prayer 2020 – Prayers of Thanksgiving

Throughout the year, we have encouraged one another to pray as we have followed the rhythms of prayer during the Christian calendar.

  • We have ‘waited in prayer’ for the coming of Jesus during Advent.
  • We have prayed ‘prayers of preparation’ during Lent in remembering the death and resurrection of Jesus at Easter.
  • We have ‘prayed for power’ in celebration of Pentecost and the Holy Spirit poured out on the Church.

And now, as we begin the Harvest season, we join together in ‘Prayers of Thanksgiving’

Whatever our circumstances, we need never be socially distanced from God. Through the gift of prayer, we are each invited to draw near. The Apostle James promises these words ‘Draw near to God and he will draw near to you’. (James 4:8)

Although this ‘Year of Prayer’ will soon come to an end, the journey of prayer continues. Like the disciples we are not always sure how to pray or what words to use but like a child learning to speak, prayer can become our mother tongue. In addition to the usual ‘prayer pack’ we have also published a small booklet, written by Rev. Dr Rosa Hunt and friends from Salem, Tonteg, which gives simple and practical help to anyone looking to explore the heart language of prayer. We hope you find it helpful or can pass it on to others.

We hope you find this resource useful as we continue to pray together. Please feel free to copy / distribute this pack amongst your church family.

It has been good to journey together in prayer throughout this year. We trust that you and your church have known the blessing of renewed and refocused prayer and hope that you will continue to pray with us.


Please click the link below to download a copy of the Prayers of Thanksgiving  Prayer Pack:

Prayer Pack 4 “Prayers of Thanksgiving”

Please click the link below to download a copy of the Prayer Booklet- Prayer is your Mother Tongue:

Prayer is your Mother Tongue

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