Momentum 2021 – ‘Change the Atmosphere’

This year we are not asking you to come to Momentum – instead, we are asking you to be Momentum, but with a difference! We are inviting every Baptist church and chapel in Wales to join in a national wave of prayer.

Details about the Closing Event – Sunday 27th June

When is this happening?

It will start on Pentecost, Sunday 23rd May, and finish on Sunday 27th June at 6.30 pm with a national event which will be broadcast live on the web.

Why Pentecost?

Just as the Holy Spirit emboldened the disciples and sent them out to Jerusalem, Samaria and the ends of the earth, so we envisage our prayer wave sweeping out across Wales.

Where is this prayer wave going?

It will start at Ilston, on the Gower, and move clockwise round Wales through West and North Wales and return to Ilston via Mid Wales and South East Wales.

Why Ilston?

Ilston was the birthplace of Baptist life in Wales in 1649, starting a journey which continues today – with you!

Do I have to walk from Ilston all round Wales in five weeks?

No! The idea is that we will send a prayer wave round Wales in that time.

What exactly do I have to do?

The first thing we are asking churches to do is to reflect on these questions:

  • When we look at our community, what do we see that’s broken? Who’s hurting?
  • When we pray ‘Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven’ – what do we imagine that might look like where we live?
  • Where do we need to see more of God’s Kingdom, what does ‘good news’ look like for the people where God has called us to be church?
  • Do we dare to believe that, through prayer, God could change the atmosphere where we live?

There will be several regional hubs all over Wales, and during those five weeks, your local hub will invite you and your church to a prayer event. At that event, our plan is that you will be able to receive some prayers from the previous hub and send out some prayers for the next hub along. The important thing is that we pray that God changes the atmosphere.

What is the point of this?

Two points really. We hope to build prayer partner relationships – different communities praying for one another and getting to know their fellow Christians and their needs. And, above all – we hope to see God answering prayer and changing the atmosphere. Changing despair into hope, death into life, sadness into joy and captivity into freedom. Making His kingdom come in Wales.

Will you join us?

More details will be post here and on the website:

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