Forge Missional Discussion Sessions (April – July 2020)


‘Missional Discussion Sessions’

Who could have imagined when we launched the Forge Cymru missional training program that churches would be forced to adjust and reassess how we do church in such circumstances?

We sense this is maybe a ‘God moment’ for many of our churches who realise there are some big questions around ‘being the church’ when you can’t ‘go to church’ and what kind of church we might go back to when this is passed?

In response to a number of requests, we are also proposing to invite you to share in the missional discussion with a growing group of people who are keen to explore the implications of what a missional church look like here in Wales. This is entirely optional but we wanted to extend an open invitation to those who have already signed up for Forge Taster sessions.

The dates are as follows:

  • 2pm Thursday 23rd April – with Simeon, Marc & Rob – Cam hopes to join us.
  • Thursday 7th May – with Cam Roxburgh (2pm, 5 pm, 7 pm)
    Please read this article in preparation: What is Missional Church?
  • 2pm Thursday 18th June – with Cam Roxburgh, Simeon, Marc & Rob
    Please read this article:
  • 2pm Thursday 16th July – with Cam Roxburgh, Simeon, Marc & Rob

Register here for the sessions and note the dates / times you can join us:

We are moving to the Zoom platform for our video-conferencing after some limitations of MS Teams. The Zoom platform will allow us to host smaller discussion rooms for greater interaction in both Welsh and English language.

How to use Zoom video conferencing software?

You can find helpful information and video tutorials available here on our website page.

How to use Zoom video conferencing.



Missional Resources:

Session 1: March 12th 2020

a) The Missional Church: Alan J. Roxburgh                 (7 pages PDF)

Missional Church- Alan Roxburgh

This article was written by Alan Roxburgh (Cam’s Uncle) and references the North American church context.

b) Michael Frost on Being the Missional Church          (50 mins)


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