COVID-19 Update: Workplaces, graveyards and funerals in Wales

Welsh Government has amended the coronavirus regulations with regard to Wales only. The changes come into effect today (Tuesday April 7). The changes can be seen in full here:  

These changes are not applicable in England or the rest of the UK.

The principal changes are:

  1. Where workplaces have remained open, then “taking all reasonable steps” to ensure a distance of 2 metres between those who work there will become statutory (rather than advisory only) in Wales. Failure to take all reasonable steps will be an offence. This includes workplaces which are under the control of churches and other faith groups.
  2. The distancing regulations will also be statutory in cemeteries (where they are still open).
  3. The requirements regarding attendance at a funeral have been relaxed. In Wales from April 7 onwards attendance at a funeral will not be restricted to defined close family. Instead, the person/authority responsible for the place where the funeral is held will indicate how many people can safely attend, and then up to that number of invitations (but no more) may be issued. The invitations must be issued to specified named individuals. Further guidance can be found here:


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