Christian Aid Appeal 2016

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It was with much anticipation that we launched our Christian Aid Appeal for 2016 during our annual meetings last summer. Our partnership as two movements goes back many years and we have a good history of working well together on behalf of the world’s poorest people. We are excited, therefore, to be writing to you to introduce this year’s appeal – ‘Here is your mother!’

The appeal has maternal health in Ghana as its focus. As you may be aware, reducing the number of maternal deaths within the developing world was one of the key objectives of the Millennium Development Goals, set in 2000. Despite significant progress, however, statistics remain far too high and have not arrived at the target of 150 deaths per 100,000 live births. When we consider that the number of deaths in Wales is 8 per same number of births, we see how desperate the situation is. And as we are so aware, behind every statistic there is a family in deep trauma, having lost a wife and mother.

One of the key reasons why these numbers remain at an unacceptably high level in Ghana is to do with poor governance. Ghana is still a young democracy and its ordinary citizens have still to learn the art of lobbying and holding the politicians to account. Christian Aid’s partner there, SEND Ghana, has a project whereby they teach ordinary people how to ensure that the government invests in maternal health care throughout the country and especially in its northern territories, far away from the capital city Accra. This is the project that our appeal will support.

The aim is to raise £40,000 by the end of the year. As an additional incentive, if we manage to hit our target the project will be able to draw down an additional €500,000 from the EU. Such a sum will help transform the lives of many, and especially those mothers who would otherwise struggle without adequate health care during pregnancy.

Below you will find resources to help you in your fundraising endeavours. They include a poster for your church building and a factsheet about Ghana and the project. During the year we will be sending you more details which will hopefully inspire you to continue with your efforts.

As you raise funds we would ask that they not be sent directly to the Christian Aid office. Please send them to The Baptist Union of Wales, Y Llwyfan, College Road, Carmarthen, SA31 3EQ with cheques made payable to the ‘Baptist Union of Wales’ marking the reverse of the cheque ‘Christian Aid Appeal’.

Christian Aid marked its 70th birthday in 2015. While we are proud of all we have achieved, we are incredibly aware of how much more that still needs doing in a world stained by poverty and injustice. We rely on strong partnerships with churches in Wales to continue with our work.

The partnership with the Baptists of Wales is one of those key partnerships and we look forward once again to fulfilling our Gospel calling of bringing Good News to the poor. This is our opportunity to display our Christian love towards those in need. This is what ‘love each other as I have loved you’ looks like in practice.   

Resources to Download. (PDF)

  1. A3 Poster Bi-lingual
  2. Prayer and Bookmark
  3. Ghana Factsheet
  4. Fundraising Ideas
  5. Worship Ideas
  6. Getting to know Ghana

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