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In the next few weeks, the churches in membership with the Baptist Union of Wales will receive a copy of the new translation of the Welsh Bible called ‘’ distributed by the Association.

This new version of the Bible in welsh is a significant event in that for many people it will be the only version of the Bible they can easily read in the medium of welsh. It has been very carefully translated into a form of welsh that is more conversational and easy to read. For local welsh medium schools or welsh learners in your community this could be an important bridge between them and the church. Even for welsh speakers in your own church this new translation could help them engage with God’s Word in a fresh and exciting way. Children and young people in your church could especially benefit if they are in welsh medium education. To coincide with the launch of a scheme called Beibl Byw (Living Bible) has been launched.  Beibl Byw is there to encourage those whose heart language is Welsh to come face to face with the contents of the Bible. Our hope is that this gift will motivate each church to look at new ways to reach our communities with God’s Word.

It is a privilege for us to commend to you this new translation of the Bible into Welsh.  This copy of is a gift to your church. Our hope and prayer is that churches, in both wings, will see this new translation as an opportunity to engage people in God’s word.

A leaflet has been prepared with ideas on how to make best use of this in your church and community.

You can download copy here. > ideas

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