Baptist Building Fund for Wales (referred to as the “BBFFW”)


The BBFFW is working with the Charity Commission to change the constitutional rules of the BBFFW. The key changes to the constitutional rules are set out below and a full copy of the proposed constitutional rules can be obtained from Andrew Price (contact details are at the end of the notice).

These key changes were approved by the Welsh and English Language Assemblies in 2019.

The Charity Commission requires the BBFFW to consult with the members of the Baptist Union of Wales to give them an opportunity to comment on/or oppose the changes.

The current constitutional rules of the BBFFW were agreed in 1903. The changes are being introduced to bring the rules up to date and reflect current practices. The changes will not affect the primary purpose of the BBFFW which is to provide loans to improve or build places of worship.

The key changes are:

  • to give the BBFFW the ability, subject to safeguarding its primary purpose, to spend funds more generally to promote the Baptist denomination in Wales; and
  • to formalise the appointment of the Welsh Baptist Union Corporation Limited (“WBUC”) as the sole member of the BBFFW. The WBUC has acted as the sole member since at least 1937 and is also the trustee of the BBFFW

Comments or representations on the proposal can be made to Andrew Price of PWW Solicitors 70 St George’s Square, London SW1V 3RD or by email at

The closing date for comments or representations is 19 August 2020.

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